AIR-P Research Days

In conjunction with AUCD, AIR-P hosts biannual plenary research days to showcase our research.

Register for our second AIR-P Research Day on Monday, November 1 as the AUCD2021 Annual Conference! Click here to learn more.


Our first research day was held on on Wednesday, July 14 as part of the 2021 AUCD Autism CARES Conference. Featured speakers included:

  • Healthy Weight Research Network leadership team (Drs. Linda Bandini, Carol Curtin, and Aviva Must)
  • 9 rapid-fire Q&A sessions for posters by members of our Collaborating Research Institutions (CREs)
  • Cohen Syndrome Association R&D Director Ashley Waterman and Olive View Medical Director of Ambulatory Care and UCLA Assistant Clinical Professor Dr. Benjamin Waterman

As well as commentary by the Autistic Researcher Review Board (ARRB) members Patrick Dwyer and Zachary Williams.

View the 4-part recording here!