Overview of the LEND Committee

Dr. Kashia Rosenau

The LEND Collaboration Committee helps facilitate the mission of the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) programs within the AIR-P Network. The LEND Collaboration Committee includes members from academic institutions involved in the national LEND Network. The committee’s work aims to utilize the interdisciplinary expertise of its members to advance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals and researchers towards improving healthcare outcomes for Autistic people. In an effort to provide a high-quality educational resource, the committee developed the LEND Seminar Series on the six AIR-P Research Nodes. Current committee efforts are focused on disseminating information on the seminar series and understanding how LEND sites can incorporate the content in their programs. Moving forward, the committee is planning how they can utilize the resources of the AIR-P Network to create more content on autism and physical health for LEND trainees across the country to fill existing gaps in education.

LEND Seminar Series

The AIR-P LEND Seminar Series explains the six AIR-P Research Nodes, current gaps in research, and aims to streamline the research to practice pipeline within that node’s research area. This resource guides LEND programs in incorporating this content into future curricula so that LEND trainees may gain relevant and significant knowledge related to improving the physical health and quality of life for autistic individuals.

View the AIR-P LEND Seminar Series here!


The AIR-P LEND Committee is seeking candidates for ANSWER representatives! Visit the ANSWER representatives page to learn more about the responsibilities of the role.