The database committee, a group of autistic and non-autistic researchers, community members, and insiders, serves to establish guidelines and review submissions to the Infrastructure for Collaborative Research. Database committee members are assigned to applications based on self-identified interest and expertise. Once assigned, they have up to four weeks to complete and initial review based on criteria detailed here [request for proposals page link]. If a submissions receives edits from the PI, the original reviewer will be asked to conduct a follow-up review.

The other main duty of a database committee member will be to attend and participate in discussion of projects and the direction of the ICR as a whole. Should there be disagreements in the review of a proposal, committee members will be to give a consensus decision on whether an application is accepted.

Application and Review Cycles

Review meetings are typically held on the second Friday of every third month. Deadlines are four weeks prior to meeting dates. While applications are accepted on a rolling basis, we strongly recommend submitting by the deadline to guarantee your application is reviewed in the current cycle. Applications received after the deadline may be pushed to the next review cycle depending on reviewer availability.

Database members meet on a quarterly basis on the second Friday of every third month at 9-10am PST. See the table below for specific details.

*Dates are subject to change
Submission Deadline Review Meeting Date
January 12, 2023 February 9, 2024
April 12, 2024 May 10, 2024
July 12, 2024* August 9, 2024*
October 18, 2024* November 15, 2024*
January 17, 2025* February 14, 2025*
April 11, 2025* May 9, 2025*

If you are interested in joining the database committee, please view the following guidelines for what constitutes an effective committee member.

  • Knowledge of proposal review
  • Complete CITI training and review introductory material
  • Experience in neurodevelopmental research
  • Willingness to provide constructive feedback
  • Ability to work effectively in a team of researchers with a diversity of opinions
  • Identify and remove oneself from potential conflicts of interest in proposal review

Please take our expertise surveys so we can appropriately contact and assign proposals. In addition, please view our conducting inclusive research webpage. Prior to completing any reviews, committee members must complete a knowledge check based on the material covered there.

Database members participate voluntarily and are not compensated for their contributions. We thank you for enhancing the quality and ethics of the research involved with the ICR and AIR-P.

For questions or concerns, contact us at ICR@mednet.ucla.edu.