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Upon application submission in the Request for Proposal website portal, reviewers from the AIR-P Database committee are assigned to review by the ICR team. Reviewers are provided with application details and have standardized criteria to rate incoming proposals. This criteria is focused on the ethics and feasibility of projects, not the science behind them. To see more information about those minimum requirements, please see here <link>.

Assigned projects to be reviewed can be accessed from the Request for Proposals website. This web portal also has tools that allow for viewing of project details, ability to give feedback, and scoring functionality all in-site.

Reviewer landing page

These project details can be accessed in a couple of ways including the scrollable table on the left side or the toggle-able tab on the upper right. The letter of intent is also freely downloadable. Upon clicking "Add Review", details are duplicated for your convenience.

How to add a review

Scoring consists of answering a series of questions that gauge whether a project meets the minimum requirements of entry into the ICR. Text boxes and free choice options are also available to denote any further feedback or give an overall numerical scoring to a given project. To be inclusive of the types of data integrated into the ICR, these elements are generally only taken into account if the number of applications in a given time period exceeds ICR capabilities to provide repository services.

Entering review scoring

The AIR-P Database committee, along with the Autistic Researcher Review Board (ARRB), will be reviewing all proposals. To ensure projects reflect the spirit and goals of AIR-P and the ICR, at least two members of the ARRB will be assigned to every primary data proposal. Secondary analysis requests will receive oversight from the ICR team, who may request ARRB oversight for more complex projects.

The members of the Database Committee and the ARRB are as follows:

Lisa Croen, PhD

Andrea Deisher, MPH, RN

Lynda Lahti Anderson, PhD

Patrick Dwyer, MA, PhD Candidate

Heini Natri, PhD

Zachary Williams, MD/PhD Candidate

Jae Chul Lee, PhD

Lindsay Shea, MS, DrPH

Heather Brown, PhD, MEd

Dena Gassner, MSW, PhD

Payal Khosla, PhD

Priyanka Fernandes, MD, MPH

Candace Gragnani, MD, MPH

Julian Martinez, MD, PhD

Emily Hotez, PhD

Madeline Haley - MBA Candidate

Julianna Rava - PhD Candidate

Jason M Timmerman - MD

Dawn Rudolph - MSEd

Kashia Rosenau - PhD

Dana Kim

Jeffrey Roth - PhD Candidate

Jeffrey Anderson

Heather Brown, PhD, MEd

Patrick Dwyer, MA, PhD Candidate

Dena Gassner, MSW

Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu, MA

Steven Kapp, PhD

Jackie Ryan, MA, CPA, CMA, PhD Candidate

Zack Williams, MD/PhD Candidate

Heini Natri, PhD