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ICR LOGO and PR statement

The Infrastructure for Collaborative Research, as part of the Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health, is a data repository intended to develop collaborative research that is meaningful and useful to the autistic community. To this effect the ICR relies on the guidance of experts in the field, many of which are autistic researchers. Inclusion of informed community voices allows for promotion of research outcomes that align with community goals, while also being collaborative and inclusive.


[Image of primary goal]

ICR Overview

A typical research project facilitated by the ICR will take the trajectory denoted above. These common milestones are the product of the services the ICR can provide - eventually culminating in the production and dissemination of topical, high-quality research. Specifics to these steps can be found elsewhere on our website or by contacting us.

What's in a research package

One of the primary functions of the ICR is to provide what we denote as a "research package". As the image above indicates, this includes but is not limited to recommendations for IRB submissions, provision of digital instruments in REDCap and an exclusive forum to communicate with collaborators about your study. Of all the tools that the ICR provides, the research package is particularly geared towards allowing for and enhancing collaborative research.