Mapping My Health: A Community Mapping Intervention to Enhance the Self-Determination and Physical Health and Well-Being of Autistic Adolescents

Institution: University of Kansas Medical Center

Project Overview

The study addresses the "transition cliff" autistic adolescents face, focusing on improving knowledge and use of community supports for a successful transition into adulthood, particularly for autistic adolescents who identify as female.

This participatory action research pilot introduces Mapping My Health (MMH), integrating community asset mapping (MAPS) and an evidence-based self-determination model (SDLMI). Participants create digital maps of health assets and use these to set and pursue health goals.

The pilot will assess the intervention's effect on self-determination, the structure of social networks, and physical health outcomes.

By involving autistic partners in developing MMH, the study aims to refine the approach and evaluate its potential in supporting autistic adolescents during the critical transition to adulthood.

Project Mentors and Contributors

Project Advisor: Dr. Karrie A. Shogren
Career Mentor: Dr. Jess Schuttler
Co-Investigator/Co-Researcher: Amanda Pritchard