Evaluating Autistic Adolescents’ and their Caregiver’s Perceived Utility and Social Validity of an Online Puberty and Sexual Health Education Toolkit

Institution: Children's National Hospital

Project Overview

The pilot study investigates the impact of online puberty and sexual health education toolkits from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center's TRIAD, focusing on their use by autistic adolescents and their parents or caregivers.

50 adolescent-parent/caregiver dyads are participating in a mixed-methods study that measures the effectiveness of these toolkits in terms of knowledge gain and the importance of caregiver involvement.

The project has been extended at no cost until July 1, 2024, and currently, no results are available as analyses have not yet been conducted.

Once complete, this study will offer insights into the benefits of the TRIAD toolkits and inform future research and development of online educational resources for puberty and sexual health tailored to autistic adolescents and their families.

Project Mentors and Contributors

John Strang, PhD; Hill Goldsmith, PhD