Specialty Neurodevelopmental Care for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder – What Works?

Institution: University of Colorado School of Medicine
Twitter: @doctordobro_

Project Overview


  1. Characterize the patient population seen in the new University of Colorado Adult DD Clinic.
  2. Elucidate patient, family, and caregiver priorities and barriers.
  3. Assess the patient/caregiver-perceived value of the new Adult DD clinic.
  4. Determine priorities for future research and practice innovations.

Methods: A qualitative analyst conducted semi-structured interviews with a representative sample of adults with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and their families/caregivers. Thematic analysis to evaluate priorities, expectations, and needs for adult models of neurodevelopmental specialty care. Interviews conducted until thematic saturation is reached. We also performed chart review of approximately 90 patients seen in the Adult DD Clinic. We characterized demographics, diagnoses, and social determinants of health. This data is pending publication (accepted).