Dr. Martinez-Agosto has been a faculty member at UCLA since 2005. He is a Steering Committee Member of the California Center for Rare Diseases, a Principal Investigator in the Undiagnosed Diseases Network Site at UCLA, a site PI for the Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network, and Co-Director of the Care and Research in Neurogenetics (CARING) Program. Dr Martinez-Agosto also participates in Pediatric Genetics efforts within the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health system, which provides genetic services to underserved medical populations. These genetics services and interventions aim to achieve early diagnosis and multi-disciplinary care that meets the individualized needs of underserved individuals with rare neurodevelopmental disorders and autism. His participation in multi-institutional collaborative studies at both national and international levels has led to many publications describing novel genetic disorders, their associated physical manifestations, and the impact of genetic testing interventions on care of individuals with neurogenetic disorders.

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, Pediatric Genetics, Medical Genetics Clinic, Human Genetics