Unfolding Clinical Narratives: Understanding the Health Stories of Autistic People with Multiple Diagnoses

Project Overview

This mixed methods study aims to explore the health narratives of autistic people with multiple clinical diagnoses. It will involve interviews with 30-50 autistic individuals, supplemented by a checklist of clinical characteristics and diagnoses. The study will use narrative analysis and exploratory quantitative analysis to understand how autistic individuals perceive their health in the context of multiple diagnoses.

The study will use a qualitative core design with a supplemental quantitative component. Narrative analysis will be employed for the qualitative part, and a cross-sectional correlational approach for the quantitative part. The study will also involve participatory methods with feedback from autistic community members.

The deliverables include a manuscript for a leading autism-related journal, conference presentations, and a plain-language summary of findings for community dissemination.

Project Mentors and Contributors

Project Advisor: Dr. Patricia Prelock