Functional Literacy Needs and Desires of Autistic and Intellectually Disabled AAC Users: A Community-based Participatory Study

Institution: University of California, Los Angeles

Project Overview

The study addresses the lack of functional literacy skills among intellectually disabled and autistic AAC users, which hinders their community and healthcare participation. Despite the promise of the Written Language Intervention for Functional Texts (WLIFT), AAC users are often excluded from research and interventions. This study will explore adapting WLIFT for AAC users with intellectual disabilities.

The study will examine the functional literacy needs of autistic AAC user teens and young adults for better community access, necessary changes to the WLIFT intervention, and community member roles in alleviating functional literacy barriers.

Expected deliverables include conference presentations, an AIR-P webinar series presentation, a plain language summary, a "Take Action Guide," a peer-reviewed manuscript, and the PI's Ph.D. dissertation.

Project Mentors and Contributors

Dr. Alison Prahl, Dr. Kristen Muller, and Dr. Erik Carter