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Neurodiversity Health Chats

Neurodiverstiy Health Chats (NDHC) shares the healthcare-related stories from neurodivergent individuals, stakeholders, and medical experts, as well as current research findings and statistics. We aim to promote health and well-being in neurodivergent communities by sharing their stories, in combination with interviews from family members, health care providers, and experts from across the U.S.

Pandemic Preparedness Toolkits

An emergency or pandemic can be especially challenging for families with children with special healthcare needs. Members of the AIR-P network have developed a toolkit for natural disasters using resources from FEMA and the American Academy of Pediatrics that will allow you to think through all the needs of your family.

In this toolkit, you will find templates to create your own to keep your family safe and healthy in a crisis.

Toolkit (English)

Una emergencia o una pandemia puede ser más difícil para familias de niños con necesidades especiales de salud. Miembros de la red de AIR-P han desarrollado un manual para referir durante disastres naturales utilizando recursos del FEMA y la Academia Americana de Pediatría que permite a su familia pensar en todos los necesidades.

Este manual contienen plantillas para crear su propio plan para proteger su familia y quedarse segura y saludable durante una crisis.

Toolkit (Spanish)