Infrastructure for Collaborative Research

Any researcher will have the opportunity to design a study that utilizes data collection from the entire AIR-P network or other participating institutions.

This would facilitate:

  • Ability to collect data nationally in order to increase sample size or obtain broader geographic representation
  • Collection of data on rare conditions such as genetic syndromes
  • Partnership and collaboration with ICR members in your field

Investigators will submit a proposal to the ICR through the Request for Proposals (RFP) website hosted by UCLA. Proposals will be reviewed by the AIR-P Database Committee and the Autism Researcher Review Board (ARRB). Upon approval, proposals will have ICR resources made available to them. These include access to a project-specific forum, REDCap project creation, development of public dashboards, aid in recruitment of additional participants, and integration of collaborative data collection sites. For more details, please reference the ICR Functionality and FAQ pages.