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Mission Statement

Empowering neurodiverse individuals, families and communities, regionally and globally, through state-of-the-science clinical care, innovative research, and high-impact training. The Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University supports research to help children, adolescents, and adults with intellectual and developmental disorders achieve their potential and participate as fully as possible in family, school, work, and community life. The strengths of this research community provide enormous opportunities for translational research relevant to developmental disorders.

Published Resources

-Poster presentation - Sleep abnormalities in Synaptopathies

-Poster and oral presentations for "GI Wanna Talk About Autism" study

-Poster presentation at Georgia Nursing Leadership Conference

-Poster presentation at Southern Nursing Research Society

-Poster presentation at  INSAR

-Poster presentation at  AIR-P Research Day

-Virtual presentation at Wendy Klag Center at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health (2022.11.18)

-Virtual presentation at AIR-P March 2023 Webinar

CRE Members

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Calliope Holingue
Kennedy Krieger Institute CRE Co-Lead

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Rebecca Landa
Kennedy Krieger Institute CRE Co-Lead