Institute on Disability and Human Development at University of Illinois at Chicago

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University of Illinois at Chicago

Mission Statement

Our faculty, staff, and students engage in a variety of research-related activities, many which are integrated across community service projects thereby creating a direct link between research and practice. We collaborate with numerous community, state, national, and international partners to fulfill unique needs throughout Illinois and beyond. Our research is applied and geared to increasing our understanding of disabilities, developing and testing model programs, and translating research into policy and practice.

Ongoing Projects

The current study analyzed the data from one-year pragmatic clinical trial on the effectiveness of a naturalistic implementation of the PEAK Relational Training System in a public-school setting.


CRE Members

Tamar Heller
University of Illinois CRE Lead

Kruti Acharya
Project Co-Lead

Kelly Hsieh
Associate Director

Mark Dixon

John Yi
PhD Student