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Mission Statement

The Institute on Community Integration (ICI) at the University of Minnesota pushes the edge of inclusion through an intensive focus on policies and practices that affect children, youth, and adults with disabilities, and those receiving educational supports. ICI’s collaborative research, training, and information-sharing ensure that people with disabilities are valued by, included in, and contribute to their communities of choice throughout their lifetime. Our research focuses on improving policies and practices affecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families through applied research, conducted in collaboration with organizations, agencies, colleges, and universities around the globe.

Ongoing Projects

QI project/research to factors for children and caregivers to improve perioperative experiences(anesthesiology)

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Published Resources

Health and Disability PSAs featuring Direct Support Professionals talking about vaccine safety and supporting people with disabilities (including autistic adults some of whom were featured in the video). *Completed in partnership with AUCD Vaccine

CRE Members

Jennifer Hall-Lande
University of Minnesota CRE Lead

Lynda Anderson
Project Co-Lead

Jessica Simacek