Attend ANSWER Leadership Meetings

We meet once per month to discuss ongoing & upcoming projects & initiatives!

Consult and Collaborate

One-time and ongoing consultations are available!

Topics Include:

  • How to design effective participatory research teams
  • Grant and manuscript writing support
  • Support in using neuro-affirming language
  • Finding and measuring meaningful outcomes (according to the Autistic community)
  • Strength-based neuro-affirming research approaches
  • How to create inclusive, including sensory-friendly, research environments
  • Designing meaningful research questions
  • Designing and conducting useful evaluations
  • An overview of community-engaged scholarship
  • Making meaning by interweaving the Arts into data collection

Support Network for AIR-P Autistic/Neurodivergent Researchers and Community Partners

ANSWER can provide peer support and resources to all AIR-P affiliated autistic/neurodivergent researchers, including those working at CREs.

  • Research 101: Collaborating in Participatory Autism Research
  • Research Basics Training
  • Mentorship connections
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Networking
  • Access to resources (e.g., funding, research tools, databases)
  • Advocacy training
  • Support with dissemination of research findings